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Foto: Stefan Leifken - klassisch-modern, Mannheim
Foto: Stefan Leifken - klassisch-modern, Mannheim

Armin Eltze, a versatile and talented German artist known as "Mine,” has taken the art world by storm with his unique approach to painting. Born in 1985 in Friedrichshafen, a picturesque town on the shores of Lake Constance, Germany, Armin's innate artistic talent was evident from a young age. As a child, he would spend hours creating vibrant drawings and paintings, experimenting with different colors, textures, and styles.


After adopting the nickname "Mine," Armin established his professional name and signature on his artwork, which is instantly recognizable and highly sought after. As a painter and creative individual, Armin's passion for emotional and dynamic movement, combined with his mastery of color, is truly exceptional. For almost 12 years, he has brought his colorful creativity to canvases professionally, drawing inspiration from nature, special moments, and thoughts that move him forward. His aim is to transport viewers to another world of art and inspire them to dream.


Armin works mainly with acrylics, oils, and sprays, using an array of tools including spatulas, cards, and brushes to create his unique pieces. His artworks are typically large and impressive, each painted in a different style that reflects his extraordinary approach to painting. Armin's exceptional style has garnered recognition, including two art scholarships provided by the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2019 and 2021.


In 2019, he also won 2nd place in the Regio-art Award, competing against 50 other participants. Armin continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world with his vibrant and dynamic creations. Armin's work has also been sold to collectors worldwide, including in Germany, France, Egypt, the USA, the United Kingdom, Austria, and Mexico. 


In 2022, Armin decided to take his career to the next level and moved to New York, one of the world's most vibrant art scenes. He set up a studio there, where he has been working on a series of new pieces that push the boundaries of his artistic expression. Armin is excited to be part of the thriving artistic community in New York and is looking forward to showcasing his work to a wider audience.




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